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What if I roll the stone away? They're gonna crucify me anyway

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Laureen Juliana Legaspi

Kahit na inaantok, dumilat ang mga mata ni Laureen nang marinig ang pagbukas ng pinto ng kwarto niya. Sapat naman ang ilaw mula sa bedside lamp niya para makita kung sino ang papasok. Isa pa, isa lang naman ang kilala niyang maglalakas loob pumasok sa kwarto niya sa ganitong oras.

The Heiress

  • How to join Hideout Premium?
    Go to Menu Click Hideout +, and this will prompt you to log in. Create an account using Google or Facebook, or log in manually. After creating an account, you will see a message that your membership is subject to approval. Once approved, you will receive an e-mail saying you can log into your account. You will access Hideout +, and the subscription page will be visible. Choose your desired plan and enjoy!
  • Difference between Prey and Sufferer.
    Prey – on going stories only. Sufferer - ongoing stories + hidden stories (depends on what's available)
  • If I avail Prey and the ongoing story is completed, am I gonna lose the access to it?
    Yup! It will be transferred to the Sufferer tier since it's already completed.


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